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About us

Validity Ltd is passionate about providing SME businesses with enterprise grade IT systems and support in a responsive, boutique style. We achieve this by adopting the overall structure and design of large enterprise systems, support procedures and processes while leaving out the “overkill”, three tier structure used by many large IT firms. In a nutshell we take the good bits that can be learned from large enterprises such as the structure and the automation of labour intensive maintenance then we tailor this for SMEs.

Here are a few things that you may find refreshing about Validity:

– We answer 90% of calls within three rings.

– The person you speak to will be in the UK and will own your issue without passing you on to anyone else.

– Our systems are often cheaper than our competitors but provide a better reliance level (this saves us work and allows us to charge less.)

– Our offering is based around what is best for your business not what provides us with the largest commission.


We have a wide range of experience in different industries and business models and tend to provide the same “base” system across all customers because it works. Beyond this we work in partnership with your company to become a trusted technology adviser. Most notably we like to support your end to end IT structure while working with your chosen line of business providers to achieve a system customised to your business processes.


We understand that impartial advice is key to keeping our clients’ best interests at heart, that’s why we have strong relationships with our clients and suppliers. We only use the best products and services to build the base system and advise customers to look to their industry’s line of business providers for customised or specific solutions. This allows us to provide you with the ideal IT system that is flexible, reliable, cost effective and tailored to your business’ needs.


Here at Validity Ltd our ethical stance is driven into our support agents: honesty, integrity and reliability. We don’t want robots on the end of the phone and in every interaction with a client we try to keep to the above philosophy. We may be unusual in that we also want the same from our clients; we want to form personal, long lasting business relationships so it is important that our clients trust and understand us.


We always provide a fixed cost for support, implementations and projects. This means no nasty surprises.

We're here to help you and your business

Use our contact form and one of our advisers will contact you, or alternatively, call us on 01635 898 148.