Supreme Computer Support

Validity provides what we call “Supreme computer support”.  This is a proactive computer support service. Problems are fixed before the user is aware that an issue exists and before downtime occurs.  We do this by monitoring computer systems with special software, issues are reported to our help desk team and they will contact the relevant staff member arranging to fix the computer at a convenient time.

Cloud system benefits

Validity combine cloud email and backup services with onsite equipment to provide what we believe is a “cloud sweet spot” for small to medium sized businesses.  Moving critical services into the cloud ensures uptime and enables staff access from anywhere.  Even if your office burns down email will flow, staff can access their information and Validity can begin work on rebuilding the onsite system.

Pay less and spread monthly

Cloud systems, hardware and software are moved to a pay monthly approach meaning no large upfront capital expenditure and a more tax efficient monthly spend.  You do not need to pay to fix cloud systems – just to use them.  Cloud systems will reduce the need for powerful onsite servers saving electricity, hardware and software costs.​